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Film Festivals | Black August Film Festival Sophomore Year Opens in Pasadena, CA

The festival brings focus to justice movements that are current as well as from throughout history, movements from around the world and nationally, as well highlights media that has been produced locally that activity champions reform for the local Pasadena Police Department and also offers support to budding film-makers here in Pasadena, with the Pasadena African-American Film Foundation. 

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Pasadena's city hall lit up as sunset begins

Pasadena, CA | A Tale of Two Cities, 2020

Many people today are dissin’ 2020 like a bad penny; memes, tee shirts, and coffee mugs can all be found that denigrate the year.  And it’s no wonder: in California alone we’ve experienced unprecedented fires throughout the state, the coronavirus pandemic to deal with, nonstop political division (and at one point a 4.5 magnitude earthquake) and perhaps most importantly, like the rest of the country, we are experiencing a civil rights reckoning focused on the effects of systemic racism, white supremacy, and police brutality. As in many cities across America and beyond, residents and families in Pasadena felt compelled to protest and stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter this past summer after the horrendous death of George Floyd at the hands of police.

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