Château d’Eoures, Marseille, France: Relax, Restore, August Eudaimonia

Château d'Eoures, unique rooms, artistically and lovingly restored

Château d’Eoures, heavenly, and delicate cooperating elements, air, earth, fire and water

Choosing more than a spa…

Eudaimonia – human flourishing, thriving, – the innate potential of each individual to live a life of enduring happiness, penetrating wisdom, optimal well-being and authentic love and compassion.

Greek in origin, it is an abstract noun derived from eu meaning “well” and daimon (daemon), a minor deity or a guardian spirit. See Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics (1095a 15–22) or Ms. Youtube AI Professor for Eudaimonia philosophical complexities.

I love this word. I lived eudaimonia at Château d’Eours. Perhaps here, its Greek origins prevail. Circa 600 BC Greek mariners founded Massilia (now Marseille), which continued as a free port and remained a Western centre of Greek learning until the ninth century.

Château d’Eoures, unique rooms, artistically and lovingly restored

Château d’ Eoures – APSAMED organisation for well-being

Returning this summer from California and Barcelona, I found my inbox offered an opportunity to resource myself during a six-day summer bien être détente well-being relaxation experience at Château d’Eoures. Instantly, I accepted this proverbial “too good to be true” offer that quickly transformed into “so good to be true”. Follow the extraordinary ‘snapshot’ and brief embellishment of my experiences and results. No matter where you live, a voyage to experience Château d’Eoures is worth taking.

Château d’Eoures, magical light and forested inspiration – everywhere!

An experience for which likely anyone of sound (or especially rattled) mind would yearn. Close your eyes, enjoy a deep relaxing inhale and exhale, feel what you are sitting or standing on, open eyes, continue. Imagine this experience in its entirety in a way you would enjoy it.

Think… the last time you received an entire blocked-out, uninterrupted week of vacation lodging was …? Add three fresh, excellently prepared and elegantly served meals per day; two personal well-being treatments – like shiatsu massage, and reflexology per day; at least one optional informative workshop per day; full-time freedom to choose relaxation, recreation, or conviviality with a small group of like-minded people. All of this in a secluded, artistically restored, historical private château in a storybook-forested, park-like setting.

Château d’ Eoures, indigenous oaks and plants collaborate in well-being

Imagine, further, at your appointed time for a massage, lying next to the freshwater pool, lulled by the fountain water; you have dozed or are so engrossed in your read you cannot raise your head from your book… not showing up to your scheduled treatment, your practitioner comes to the pool to collect you. Unheard of!

Château d’ Eoures, water’s serene and restorative essence

Self-Care… Unselfish and More Than Ever Necessary

Among seminars and other events, Château d’Eoures’ format for relaxation and restoration is a six-day session alternating weeks. This programme is administered and provided by Association/ The team of practitioners is dedicated to assisting people who cope with chronic diseases, including but not limited to Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune manifestations, and fibromyalgia. Additionally, their comprehensive professionalism warmly welcomes caregivers or assistants to facilitate ease. Dietary requirements are respected and – naturally – hands-on care is specific to each recipient.

Château d’Eoures, my space, Oriental in design, tranquillity, Zen

The inspirational forested, park-like property contributes its earthly essence generously. Yet the proximity of the Château, nestled just on the edge of Marseille, about  30 minutes drive from the Calanques National Park, embeds another adventure to the restorative balance.

Château d’Eoures, Cassis from the marine view

The principally marine park extends over 520 km²- 85 km² of land, including parts of the ‘Massif des Calanques’ between Marseille, Cassis and La Ciotat. Cassis, being a delicate and charming south-France seaside and harbour village, gives access to the park by sea and is a sort of ‘Portafino of France ambience.’ The stay includes a visit to Cassis, a swim in the sea for those willing, and an evening beach picnic.

A Stunning Cast of Supportive Professionals

Teaming alternative and traditional practices together, health care practitioners are devoted to the highest degrees of efficacy in the practises of their sciences and arts. Be it maintenance/prevention or focused intervention addressing ailments, the formats for relaxation and restoration are holistic and broad-spectrum. The guiding synergy includes multiple opportunities to empower the self by amplifying knowledge and serving experiential learning that is expected to support the body’s natural capacities to maintain wellness. Whatever the state  of the body, homeostasis and  the highest functioning possible is its understood focus.

Château d’Eoures, silent, secret garden vortex in the forest

Each practitioner offers impeccable service and the most sincere expression of his or her expertise. Options include shiatsu, Ayurvedic, or energetic massage, Reiki, magnetism, foot/cranial reflexology, osteopathy, and sound resonance practises. I sincerely am impressed with the unparalleled focus, quality and attention the APSAMED team provides in ‘individuality amongst quantity’.

Château d’Eoures, Cassis, Park National Calanques

The cumulative and integrated support I received sent me on my pain-free route home with a few grand tears of profound appreciation to the APSAMED team and my companion-beings in wellness. With an easy flight, I returned to thundershowers, flooded roads and a typical 20-minute drive turned to 60 minutes. What contrast!

Welcome back to school!