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A photo of a cottage style building with the sides of the building completely covered in ivy.
Superintendent's Lodge, St Stephens Green Dublin

Charming and beckoning – these words can both be used to describe Dublin, Ireland! Dublin is the Capitol City of the Republic of Ireland and it is full of vibrant daily living with days’ worth of sight-seeing and exploring available for visitors.

Underneath this beguiling surface, Dublin is also a city of influence, history and intrigue. Any causal look into the layers of Ireland’s “Troubles”, which lasted 30 years from from the late 1960s to 1998, or the Easter Rising of 1916, will make the political passions of Ireland’s people clear. In terms of even older history, Culture Honey Touring,’s sister touring company, is fascinated with the development of the Celtic Way of the Christian Faith Tradition that developed in Ireland and other areas of Britain from before the sixth century through the ninth.

And finally, Ireland has been called the “Land of Saints and Scholars” – giving to the world such authors as Oscar Wilde, Yeats, and C.S. Lewis (I didn’t know Clive Staples Lewis was Irish!) to name a few – as well as saints Patrick, Columba and Brigid. But how could we say “finally” when we haven’t mentioned music, dance and the world famous drinks of Guinness and Jameson? Not only is the Emerald Isle a treasure of natural beauty (which we’ve covered deeply in terms of places like Glendalough), it is the type of destination one wants to return to again and again. This article is meant to give just a taste of the beauty and creativity in the welcoming City of Dublin….

A view through the window in the South Georgian Core

Always peek through the window, here in the South Georgian Core

There are many charming hotels from which to explore the city. This interior cupboard at The Wilder Townhouse is one of our favorites.

Alice in Wonderland themed teaware featuring quotes like "Curioser and curioser!" and "We're all mad here".

A wry sense of whimsy even inside of a hotel cupboard…

With its modern interior design, lovely breakfasts, and attention to unique and even quirky detail, this is a bespoke boutique hotel from which to visit the city. Be sure to click on the link to see and read all about the Wilder!

Green outdoor metal tables with white potted flowers on each one. A pink scarf is draped over the chair at the foremost table.

There is always a table waiting, be it simple…

There is always a table waiting, be it simple or grand in hospitable Dublin! Above in the courtyard at the Wilder or below in the private dining room for groups at the, now (sadly) closing after Covid, Cliff Townhouse in Dublin.

A grand dining room with pale pink walls, a long table set for dinner and a large chandelier above.

…or grand….

Just in the neighborhood of the Wilder, a short walk away, one can find a lovely restaurant with these attentive canine guards out front waiting to greet you and ensure that your time inside is passed in a most delightful way. Stop into House Dublin for a respite from walking the city…

A doorway featuring a pair of metal statues of guard dogs, one on either side of the entrance.

The outside of doorways are places of creative expression in Dublin…

See if you don’t agree that the interior is full of lovely delights for the weary traveler!

A room decorated with various red satin armchairs, a blue satin sofa and a white bookshelf stocked with bright colored books.

Unique Indoor beauty beckons…

Refreshed, a stroll on Grafton St. offers a plethora of cafes and shops… Avoca tempts with unique home goods, a food market and great options for a cup of tea or a meal with a friend.

Two women exit the front doors of Avoca.

Avoca Suffolk Street Dublin 2

There are loads of choices for those who value great dining experiences!

The front of Hugos Irish Cuisine Restaurant & Wine Bar, Merrion Row Dublin

Hugos Irish Cuisine Restaurant & Wine Bar, Merrion Row Dublin

A must stop is Bewley’s, a Grafton Street favorite – the family began to import tea in 1840 and opened its main restaurant in 1927.  Stop in for coffee and a delicious pastry or a full meal. Bewley’s also offers live jazz during weekend brunch and other events!

A chocolate croissant and latte on a table decorated with a small bouquet of yellow and white flowers.

Pain au Chocolat, Bewleys Grafton St

Within Queen of Tarts at Cow’s Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin 8, sisters Regina and Yvonne Fallon have created a welcoming cafe, offering breakfast, lunch, wonderful cakes, scones, and of course sweet & savoury tarts!

A series of red teapots featuring the Queen of Tarts logo

Queen of Tarts Tea

While there is an actual Temple Bar (see photo below) the whole area is actually referred to as Temple Bar (District) now! The best live music in Europe is available inside pubs and outside on street corners – a must experience for a lively night out, Irish Coffee optional : )

A street view of The Temple Bar. In the windows of the higher stories of the building, flower boxes hold copious amounts of flowers in purple and orange.

The Temple Bar

O’Donoghue’s offers traditional Irish music every night of the week and always is crowed and lively. Guinness abounds and don’t be surprised if a patron is called from the crowd to join in leading a song or two…

A musical performance by a trio featuring a guitar, tambourine and flute.

Pub Music

And always good pub food to enjoy…

A meal of beer, shepherds pie, a salad of onions and greens and fries.

Hungry in Dublin?  No problem!

From the everyday to the exquisite, Dublin offers it all. In the case of the beautiful bouquets below, they are courtesy of the luxurious Shelbourne Hotel. Business people meet here after work in the evening for drinks or special events and there is also a lovely (usually booked) afternoon tea in the The Lord Mayor’s Lounge. The rooms are lovely for a special stay!

Large arrangements of pink flowers

Beautiful Hotel Flowers @ The Shelbourne

There are many sites to be seen and experiences to be had in Dublin: art and history museums and tours, churches and services to attend. Dubliners are friendly, welcoming and hospitable. With a great plan and some time to enjoy, Dublin can serve as a perfect centering point from which to explore other areas of Ireland as well! Don’t hesitate, come and visit Ireland – and plan plenty of time to explore the Irish Republic’s capital city!

St Stephens Green Pathway with people walking along it in the distance. Trees line either side of the path, providing ample shade.

St Stephens Green Pathway Invites….