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The Deliciousness of Pret (Day Three)

Pret a Manger Ham & Egg on Plain Baguette

Pret a Manger Ham & Egg on Plain Baguette

A ham and egg sandwich paired with a Five Berry Bowl (spot the difference): Well, me oh my and hullaballoo, this is a fabulous combination. The plain baguette provided a welcome break from the anxious contemplation of an exotic bread’s flavour. It was a taste of home for the homeless, a reason to believe in the world again, truly both a gentleman and a scholar. The mustard’s strangely endearing characteristic transformed itself from the usual respite to a comforting embrace of a caring friend. Truly, it was a blessing in yellowy disguise. This meal was no 5-star cruise ship, but it was a steady old boat, trusted for years to sail through life’s challenges and rewards, providing a steady anchor from the turbulent seas of existence.

The yogurt was as before, though this time it contained the soft crunch of granola that people the world over have grown to love. It felt whole. 9.9/10, with the real weak link being my stomach’s inability to consume it repeatedly.