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The Deliciousness of Pret (Day Four)

Hoisin duck salad wrap paired with an assortment of nuts: I’ve had better hoisin duck. The shredded meat was lovely and soft, the spinach brilliantly paralleling in its crunchy freshness, and the sauce was lovely and creamy, bursting with an array of flavor. However, the sauce was rather too enthusiastically applied, if I must say. This provided no problem during the main consumption, but when I went to consume the end of my wrap, I found that the sauce had escaped from the duck’s side and had found refuge in the folds and crevices that make up the bottom of the wrap. This provided a rather complacent end to the dish.

Pret a Manger Hoisin Duck Wrap

Pret a Manger Hoisin Duck Wrap

As for the nuts, the presence of hazelnut confused me as to whether I was eating a side or a dessert. 7/10, with the real weak link being both together. Neither was bad, but neither was good.