The Deliciousness of Pret (Day Five)

Pret a Manger Chefs Italian Chicken Salad

Pret a Manger Chefs Italian Chicken Salad

Chef’s Italian chicken salad paired with mature cheddar and red onion crisps: Every now and then, something happens, and a fork in the road is presented towards us, appearing in the otherwise peaceful stroll of life. For some, it is the choice of career. For others it is the direction that must be taken in a relationship. For me, today, it was the choice of baguette or salad. You see, the French god, lechoisir, presented herself to me. She reminded me that a life unexplored is a life unlived; it is a life unloved. I had been so caught up in the act of being that I had forgotten its presence. So today, inspired by those who have gone before- Ernest Shackleton, Christopher Columbus, Wallace and Gromit – I decided to venture forth to the black depth of the unknown. The salad.

I was met with mixed emotions: the olives tainted the lettuce with a slightly sour pugnacity, but the pistachios were quite pleasant. The chicken was also very good. The cheese was adequately sharp. I must confess, the only issue I had was the lack of baguette. The mature cheddar and red onion crisps added a lovely finish; a comfortable bed to crash on after the party that was the salad.

I am a baguette man though. My dream lunch contains salad only proportional to that which coats the meat inside a famous French bun. I do like French buns. 8/10, with the weak link being my pettiness for salad. Perhaps a real man will appreciate what I cannot in that jumble of leaves.