The Deliciousness of Pret (Day Six)

A bag of Pret a Manger Maldon Sea Salt Crips

Pret a Manger Maldon Sea Salt Crips

Alternative sides: The Maldon sea salt crisps: Though delicious, sea salt is a strangely alluring compound, and I am, sadly, cursed to the feeling of sloth that befalls me after such crisps. Though they are delicious, and I love a good bit of delicious. Fruit and Nuts: Adoring, like a fan who is not quite obsessed enough to be a stalker, but still enough to go to every one of your gigs. They make a delicious afternoon treat, though I must confess, I am not partial to chocolate covered raisons. They seem quite redundant.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this concludes my series on the lunches of Pret.

But fear not my friends, for closure is a part of life. The box of greatness cannot be opened without being first closed. So go, open your box of greatness which I have allowed to be so by closing mine. Speak true. Try new. But most of all, be you. And remember the tale of the artisan chicken and bacon baguette with only one slice of bacon. When granted with the opportunity, make sure you fill it. Be the defining factor in life’s joy; be the second piece of bacon in life’s baguette.

Until next time.