The Peculiarly Hidden Watch Shop


Photo by Bo Nlelson, Flickr

(Note: This article will be best paired with music slightly orchestratic and curiously epic)

I want to take you on a journey, a journey to a place not far from here. In the middle of this city stands a man. Some call him Sean. Many roads lead to this man, but few who walk these roads ever actually see him. Let me tell you why.

The man stands in a box connected to a circle connected to one of the biggest public transport systems in the world. This box within this circle within one of the biggest public transport systems in the world is very, very small. It’s only big enough for one man, whom some call Sean.

You see, this man works within the station known as Piccadilly Circus. If you do take this journey, this journey to a place not far from here, you will end up walking around the circle of Piccadilly Circus underground. You will find yourself bemused by the number of shops that exist within this underground station. If you’re a keen eye, you will find a shop called Watches to Go. A shop is an exaggerated term, as you must stand outside and be served through a window as if ordering your ticket for the journey you will or have just embarked on.

If you don’t have a watch, then, well, get one. Watches are cool. James Bond has a watch. If you do have a watch, then whatever your need this man can provide (as long as it relates to watches). He is a master of the arts and an artist of the mastery that is watch repair and services. Some call him Sean.

Be forewarned, he has a wit and a sarcasm to boot. A little banter is never far when he is near. So if you don’t enjoy jesting, I suggest you steer clear (or just don’t say much, he should get the hint), but if it’s a lovely little experience you wish to have I wonder if you could do better than this man.

A warning before you go: he is a businessman, so don’t show up if you have no business. As of some months back he was there, but the man standing in the box connected to the circle connected to one of the biggest public transport systems in the world may not be there for long. Hurry. You never know when he’ll decide to close up shop for the last time.