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Service Review: Groupon, “Don’t cheat yourself, instead treat yourself” – 2PAC

Groupon for You!

Groupon for You!

Groupon is a beautiful thing!  I used it in Scotland, and now in L.A. too!  The only negative I have found yet is the temptation to spend too much under the illusion of saving …. but laawd is there saving!

Groupon is an app you can download onto any smartphone (or find online!) that is filled with coupons for restaurants, products, furniture, treatments, activities, shows, museums, and even whole holidays!  It’s super simple and easy.  You could find an amazing vacation for a silly price, but though more than travel, it can be a great way to experience something new!

I’ve had many an experience through Groupon I would have never been able to afford otherwise!  Over and over again, I’ve had a fancy meal or a good haircut, but there are certain scenarios you think you’d have to be a millionaire AND in another country to experience.



For instance, East Asia is a long way away, and I have simply not yet had the opportunity to travel there. However, our mixed nation has rich, international culture hiding everywhere.  In LA, there are a handful of East Asian holistic spas.  While some dear friends were visiting, I treated them to a day at one of these spas.  It was called Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica, and it was heavenly!  Though they offered quite a few treatments, our Groupon purchase gave us particular access.  For 20 bucks we could spend as long as we wanted in all of their treatment rooms, ranging from your normal steam room and sauna, to a hot clay room, warm Himalayan salt, and an ice room.  We leisurely went between the hot tub and elemental rooms to the cool ice room for a good three or four hours.  Some rooms are good for particular things like circulation, but going between the different temperatures is great for your metabolism and general relaxation.

I strongly suggest you check it out or have a look on Groupon at what experiences you can find in YOUR hometown that will transport you into a different culture and enhance your life! It’s worth it!

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