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A bullet standing up right on a roadmap. The words "Killing County" are displayed to the left of it.

Media Review | Killing County, Produced in by Colin Kaepernick, Brings Focus to Police Brutality

True changes within law enforcement will only come about when the actual officers responsible for these acts face jail time or personal financial penalties deducted from their salaries. Until then, the pattern will persist, with police officers evading full accountability for their unwarranted aggression and brutality. Killing County brings awareness and understanding into this dark area of our civic lives – and ultimately effects every one of us.

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A living room with an orangish brown couch with a painting hung in the background. Beside the couch is a large green potted plant.

Late Spring Soirée | Reunited with Myself

Culture Honey readers already know my writing on Travel and Culture — infused with cynicism and sarcastic fare. I wouldn’t consider my pen as a critic, but I defiantly do mark the subtle notes of Traveling While Black and the regional Black Tax tacked onto the bill.

And trust me, at times, an unlimited line of credit is a must. I often wonder if Ken Chenault had me in mind when he rolled out the American Express Black Card? Either way, ‘I never leave home without it.’

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A Black man wearing a grey beanie and bright blue sunglasses smiles brightly and does rock on-esque gestures for the camera.

Juneteenth Celebration | Leimert Park, Los Angeles, CA

The Leimert Park Juneteenth celebration is essentially a large family reunion to bring the Black community of LA together. It is designed to give back to Black owned businesses within the south Los Angeles area exposure, and to create awareness of the Black creative community in Leimert Park.

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People of Note: Andre Henry – Musician, Author, Activist

While the events discussed in “All the White Friends I Couldn’t Keep” were playing out, Henry wrote his popular song “Playing Hookey” about his frustrations with White Evangelism. As he’s grown as a community activist — helping lead marches in Pasadena and even carrying a boulder around to represent the burden that Black people face in society — he’s processed through his own beliefs about Christianity and the person of Jesus.

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People assemble along the side of the road which is covered in candles. An orange table on the sidewalk provides a congregating point for participants.

A Memorial for Pasadena’s Reginald (JR) Thomas

There have been two street-side memorials in Pasadena recently held for young Black fathers killed by the Pasadena Police. One was on August 15th and the other was on September 30th. The first was held in Northwest Pasadena across from La Pintoresca Park just up from Washington Blvd. and the second was held on East Orange Grove Blvd. in-between the intersections of North Marengo Ave. and Garfield Ave.

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