Book Review: Walking Home by Sonia Choquette

Walking Home by Sonia Choquette

Do you ever feel at the end of yourself? 

As a gifted writer of 19 published works, host of her own weekly radio show, world-renowned intuitive guide and spiritual speaker, Sonia Choquette was thriving and fulfilled, at the top of her game. She had everything going perfectly in life, professionally and personally. Until it all fell apart; she was at the end of herself. Within a six week span her father and brother both died unexpectedly and her world came crashing down. Inwardly she was crushed. She had been the one with all the right answers, instructing others in how to press on through rough times – now she had no answers and couldn’t find a way out of the turmoil in her soul; she had nothing. In her dark time, she felt she had no other options. She left everything behind and embarked on a journey that would change her life.

Coming Home shares the outward and inward journey of Sonia as she is at a crossroads in her life. To regain her footing, she purposed to walk the Camino de Santiago. The Camino is an ancient journey that millions have walked through the centuries since Medieval times. Pilgrims would simply walk from wherever they lived. One of the main routes is an 800 kilometer trek over the Pyrenees mountain range in the south of France across the northern part of Spain. The paths lead to the Cathedral de Santiago, believed to be the resting place of James the Apostle. 

Sonia plans, packs her backpack and arrives at the beginning spot. Pilgrims (as they are called on the walk) carry everything with them as they travel. Prepared with her researched pack with all of her essentials, she starts walking. As she begins, Sonia realizes the weight and unnecessary items she brought along. This will be a constant theme throughout her walk: the things in life that we choose to carry. It is the laying down of these items: items in her pack, but more importantly thoughts, feelings, hurts, sorrows that slowly ease her load, outwardly and inwardly. As she does she begins to heal and gain strength. Day after day, Sonia presses on through exhaustion, pain, discouragement and hunger to make it to the next resting place. After a month’s long journey, she arrives into the Spanish province of Galicia, Spain. Sonia learns lessons along the way, seeing allegories and connections in life as she takes each step daily. 

This book is an open, honest journey of walking the ancient pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Although Sonia is walking by herself she meets those along the way who help restore her to healing. She experiences kindness, discouragement, loneliness, companionship and a working out with each step. Sonia comes to find a new rhythm and pace. A newness and healing to past hurts, sorrows, broken relationships. The Camino is an ancient journey that millions have walked through the centuries, each finding their own way. Sonia provides an open window to her experience and an open invitation to step out into your journey. In Walking Home, Sonia Coquette intimately shares her journey of coming home into herself.