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Blue and yellow ribbons, te colors of the Ukrainian flag, are tied to a bride. Everything in the background is blurred.

Ukraine | This War – A Poem by Julie Clark

The cruelest of tyrants

Inflicting his insanity

On the vulnerable?

Is there a shred

Of the soul left to appeal to?

To lament and pray for?

He is not the only tyrant

Still alive today

Perhaps, it’s not too late…

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MLK’s Timely Challenge to White Moderates, Especially Those in the Church

Over 50 years ago on April 16, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote an open letter from a jail in Birmingham, Alabama where he was imprisoned. He wrote this letter to give challenge to those that would ask for civil rights to “wait”. He wrote this letter to those that said it was “inconvenient” timing for them to think or act in regard to the civil rights of the Black community. He wrote to those, especially those who were white, that sat in church pews and chairs across the country. He challenged the ideas of what it meant to be a person of faith, and his words challenge us today.

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