I Wish That I Could Love a Dictator – A Poem by Georgia Sanders

Dictator Statue 1949

Image Courtesy of: rarehistoricalphotos

oh that i could love a dictator
he would solve all my problems
he would put bread on my table
and never forget to mention me in speeches
he may be rich himself, but he deserves it
because he is sacrificing most of his life for ME
and the PEOPLE

might i place all my hope in him?
might i cry tears of joy at his crowning?
might i cry tears of sorrow at his death?
won’t his likeness be prominently displayed on my kitchen wall?
wait, maybe the pope?
i need a savior!

some PEOPLE disappear
but they whispered dissent
some PEOPLE were murdered
but it wasn’t MY family
some people protest
but why, don’t they see
HIS glory?

oh, i wish that i could love a dictator….