Third Culture Kid: Let’s Talk TCK Relationships

third culture kid, TCK, relationships

Photo Cred: Thomas Ermer

Are you a Third Culture Kid (TCK)?

Does your TCK-ness ever get in the way of connecting with people and making friends?

Or are you friends with a TCK and sometimes wonder why all of their stories take place in far-off lands?

Are you a TCK looking for love, but you just don’t want to settle?

Does your TCK wife ever randomly speak to you in a foreign language you don’t know?

Do you want to be on Culture Honey?

We’re planning a special Third Culture Kid article on third culture kids and their relationships, and we want to hear from you! We would like to ask you to fill out a survey about your TCK relationships – whether you’re a TCK or you’re in a relationship with one!

Simply download, complete and email your survey back to Culture Honey ( Please include your email address if you are interested in being interviewed by Culture Honey.

For Third Culture Kids: Third Culture Kids Relationship Survey

For Non-Third Culture Kids: Non-Third Culture Kids Relationship Survey

All surveys must be submitted by Friday, October 7, 2016, thank you!