Paris, Hop! Fashion Again Bonne Gueule, 75006

Paris, Hop! Fashion Again Bonne Gueule, 75006

Inauguration Flagship Bonne Gueule, 75006

Hop! (pronounce op) is a common French interjection to indicate a quick change in turn of events, ex. cliquer the lien, et hop! voilà votre billet! Click the link and suddenly! There you have your ticket! This is the normal look of the streets in Paris during Fashion Week – it is a celebration!

Inauguration Flagship Bonne Gueule, 75006, Normally, more women!

As lately I have been fashion-absent, this inauguration ignited my enthusiasm and enriched my appreciation for the experience of fashion. So here, hop! in appreciation of Paris Fashion Week (23 September though 1 October), congratulations to the team! You are invited to join the inauguration of the third in Paris and the Flagship boutique Bonne Gueule 4 Rue Madame, 75006. Lyon and Bordeaux also are home to boutiques.

Inauguration Flagship Bonne Gueule, 75006,  Welcome smile at the entrance !

Attention to Detail

Choice, down to the texture, colour and essence of each thread is the hallmark of fashion itself. The presentations at this  inauguration were intended to be a fun discovery. Champagne, the traditional French celebratory beverage, as well as Japanese whiskey welcomed visitors to the party. The Japanese whiskey of this particular distillery, Suntory, is named “toki” which represents the connection of time in Japanese. Apparently, this new expression “embodies how tradition meets innovation to move forward.”

Inauguration Flagship Bonne Gueule, 75006, Celebration, champagne flows !

Bonne Gueule demonstrated attention to detail in every realm of expression. Amusement pervasive: ambience included a photo booth for laughs; many varities or algae–wrapped, genuinely satisfying ‘rice balls’ – traditionally triangular , such as vegetable, hummus and cucumber, tuna and five others; a traditional Japonese mochi dessert with chocolate or lemon-filled centers; an artful  and beautiful dried flower/sample fabrics installation where the graphic artist/florist creator Miyoko Yasumoto explained fabrics; presentations of clothing items from fragrances and socks to ‘T’s, trousers, shoes and suits; and a concierge corner for consultations.

Inauguration Flagship Bonne Gueule, 75006, Suntory Whiskey “TOKI”

Suntory Whisky Toki is a blend of selected malt and grain whiskies from the Hakushu, Yamazaki, and Chita distilleries. I was told it is a very good quality whiskey, and I read it offers a round and sweet blend with a refreshing citrus character and a spicy finish.

Inauguration Flagship Bonne Gueule, 7500


After collaborations in launching partner brands, the start-up group of friends behind Bonne Gueule, holding like-minded values of passion, honesty pedagogy, friendship, and kindness, began its own brand in 2014. The brand pursues a passion to support men in their own particular preferences: to buy well, dress well, to have fun and share. The foundation, instead of falling into the stifling market of prevailing consumerism, is a supportive platform for men to connect with their fashion choices based on quality, ecological considerations, and value.

Inauguration Flagship Bonne Gueule, 75006, Showing the story

Bonne Gueule is committed to transparency and close control in sourcing in order to offer affordable high quality, ready-to-wear design. It consistently monitors potentially degrading tendencies in fashion production and marketing and supports virtuous brands to develop. Moreover, Bonne Gueule seeks to live properly from its passion and to demonstrate that authenticity in caring for the marketplace and transparency is possible.

Inauguration Flagship Bonne Gueule, 75006, Watching the story, socialising

The Designs

Bonne Gueule takes inspiration from wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic concept praising imperfect and ephemeral beauty at its foundation. It seems to offer the precision of minimalism with French values on style and quality.

Inauguration Flagship Bonne Gueule, 75006 170 M2 Three levels

Inauguration Flagship Bonne Gueule, 75006, Casual simple sporty

Interestingly, the name Bonne Gueule itself beckons interpretation. Gueule, a feminine noun, is defined as: mouth of some animals (wolf, crocodile, reptile, etc.) when it can open wide. Gueule, latin gula in origin, referring to red, frequently has been used by poets. Popular and common expressions of  ‘la gueule’ have evolved in French culture based on longstanding use. In popular use it is complex. It can refer to a figure, in particular its appearance or expression: have a dirty face, wear any strong expression, e.g., a gueule morose. It can refer to a gaping opening of some objects such as the mouth of an oven; it can refer to form or appearance of something such as a city having a funny face.

Inauguration Flagship Bonne Gueule, 75006, it is a celebration !

As language always is living and ever-changing in popular speech, the use of gueule evolves. In my experience, typically, it is an off-handed, familiar, even brusque term, and it is not used in formal communication.

I have seen “fine gueule” as an expression, equalling gourmet. I feel from my experience with the evening the intention of Bonne Gueule is “beautiful presentation”, encompassing attentive self-awareness and selective presentation. There is a sensation of gentleness and ease intrinsic to this experience that rests far from any form of harshness, self–scrutiny or criticism.

Inauguration Flagship Bonne Gueule, 75006, Voilà les vraies bonnes gueules ! (those are the good faces!)

Fashion is fun! All arts offer the ingredients to nourish and to contribute to the evolution of human potential, giving rise to expanded awareness and celebration of the infinity in all that life is.

Let’s Celebrate!

I have connected my dots as 1. Bonne Gueule, feminine noun, word a long-standing and extensively evolved word in French popular culture, essentially morphing from fairly gruff usages to an uplifting positive expression of sorts.

2 . Rue Madame, home to the delicate weave of gender integrity, and cultural melange represented in a flagship men’s clothing boutique.

3.  Flagship is the fullest development manifesting the essence of the brand; the boutique renders the most complete array of services that symbolise the concept of the experience with the brand.

4.  Each person has the right to own their choices: attention to detail reinforces a healthy, soulful and heartfelt connection with ones’ thoughts, feelings, words and actions/interactions. Human capacities advance; no movement backwards.

These are the ingredients that nourish the evolution of human potential.