Found Angels – A Poem by Natalie Patterson

Cultivating the Flame of Hope in Los Angeles

Found Angels Cultivating the Flame of Hope in Los Angeles

There are people in every generation who are willing

Willing to stand

To step up

To do the work

We call you

The fighters

The believers

The justice seekers

The Game-changers

The risk takers

You are the answer to the unasked questions


Often we find you

Head down moving mountains

Huddled in groups discussing strategic planning

Calculating risk while raising children

We find you deep in thought about brighter futures

You have given your time

Your energy

Your money

And sometimes, your sanity to actualize the belief that L.A. DESERVES BETTER


And above all else

You keep pushing forward

You push the culture

The conversation

Remind others this equity is non-negotiable

And you do this without superpowers, cape or reward


You do this with clear intentions and a determined heart.

You do this knowing it must be done

Volunteer to walk the unpaved road for the knowledge carving your own path brings

You do this like natural disaster, with a wild rumble your presence is felt


You are the rain after drought

The fulfilled prayer in the mouth of a child longing for a bed, in a room that is safe to fall asleep in

You are the diploma in the hand of a future leader

The relief in the spirit of a woman employed and able to support her family

You are the pride in the face of a father watching his child succeed

A veteran coming home to community support

You are brave new beginnings and work well done

You are the people who find a way

Standing United as the gatekeepers of second chances

You are the angels others cities talk about.