I Feel Fall in the Air – Poem and Painting by Linda (Peaches) Tavani

Fall in the Air

Fall in the Air

I smell the fragrance of fall in the air
Gently embracing the atmosphere
In the mist of morning to the night
Jasmine trails as spiders weave their lacy webs
and terrapins prepare to live in their shells

It’s a beautiful season not to be dreaded
As Maple leaves become amber & auburn on edges
I feel fall in the evening
and see a chimney smoke at the neighbor’s from my backyard

After a day at the beach building castles
and playing hard a bonfire really warms true love
Before we know it summer fun-time is through
as parents and teachers welcome students back to schoolyard

I favor the change in the weather from hot to chill
But let me prepare you or you might catch a cold
and that I’m certain would not be a thrill
Start bringing your jacket it might come in handy
In just a few weeks you’re going to thank me