On California Primary Day, 6.7.16, “Which Way” – A Poem by Julie Clark

Which Way

Which Way

There are those

Who spread fear

Just as black ink

Splatters thick

across the paper

Then there are those

Doing the slow work

Of love

Meticulously erasing

The stain

One person at a time

And filling the space

With glorious colors

Where beauty can take shape

And life can grow again

Here is a suggestion

Instead of standing against

The “Other”

Come alongside

Listen to their story

Sorrow and pain

Love and joy


They too are human

Just like you

How did this happen?

The bridges slowly built

With care and love

Years of hard work

Dynamited in seconds

Rubble of hate and fear

Left behind

An enemy came

And spread seeds of destruction

Instead of kernels of peace

Fingers stop pointing

Look instead to the heart

Am I a good neighbor?

Am I my brother’s keeper?