Bamyan | A Delightfully Unexpected Boutique on Paris’ Île Saint-Louis

The entrance to BAMYAN PARIS
Bamyan Paris, fallwinter Spices Collection,  Boutique entry uniting two worlds

“This is a wonderful day. I have never seen this one before.” ~ Maya Angelou

It Is About the Feeling: Bamyan Paris, 72 Rue St Louis en Île 75004

Uniting two worlds, Bamyan Paris is a French brand that designs and creates collections that have evolved through Oriental and Occidental influences in which the prevailing ‘thread’ boasts both modern and timeless inspirations. The boutique emerged from Galerie Bamyan-Hafiz’s shop and primarily featured antique furnishings and objects, carved wood, carpets, and jewelry in the 1980s. The prime location of the small island community on Île Saint Louis Paris 75004, was a must-experience for tourists from near and far.

A piece from the Spieces Collection pattern of elegant diversity with brids of many different colors and branches with colorful leaves. Paris boutique

Bamyan Paris, fall/winter Spices Collection, diversity and integrity

In keeping with tradition, the design brand retained Bamyan, and founded the boutique and showroom for events and exhibitions in a 17th-century building on the same street on Île Saint Louis, Paris 75004.

Here you can pop into the boutique, where also displayed are home objects such as ceramic tea sets, bowls, cups and other timeless colourful cushions and bed dressings and furniture textiles. Even more interesting is the option to visit the showroom on the same street. Within, you can experience the breadth, luxurious feel, scent, and warmth of the textiles, and marvel at the extensive creative and meticulously embroidered designs of the original pieces. This is what I did.

A display behind a window of glass. Different pieces from the collection that are of 2 world blended, east & west, Paris boutique

Bamyan Paris, fall/winter Spices Collection, embraced by two worlds Oriental flavour and reflections of Paris

Isabelle Orhant and designers select fabrics such as silk from China, cotton from Egypt, and wool from New Zealand. And the indigenous Cashmere and Pashmina from the providing regions. These fabrics comprise multi-seasonal creative clothing garments and accessories for women. For example, wools and cashmere are used for warmth in the pieces worn during colder days of autumn and winter. Yet even silk garments contribute a spark as a complementary adjunct in cool temperatures. In the very cold winter, pieces such as velour light and warm, and heavier weaves are favoured. Garments also can be crafted with faux fur for a more luxurious look and feel.

The designer sitting at a table surrounded by her fall/winter Spices Collection, Paris boutique

Bamyan Paris, fall/winter Spices Collection, Isabelle Orhant “Welcome to Bamyan showroom tea and spices “

2022 Paris Autumn /Winter Fashion Week

Bamyan may not appear amongst the 61 fashion houses reviewed for trends in Harper’s Bazaar after fashion week, yet it summarises the entirety of the Autumn /Winter season wrap-up including New York Milan and London.

The designer of the collection standing ing front of the mirror besides some of the outtfits they designed, Paris boutique

Bamyan Paris, fall/winter Spices Collection, mid/full-length velour alive with light

Cat Walk? No top models here but you. Imagine that you, yourself, may be the star of your own catwalk. Choose an elegantly feminine, skirt, dress, jacket, and/or a luxurious scarf. No one to judge you or make remarks, you stroll at your pace in privacy, feel the fabric flowing, enveloping your gait as you traverse the courtyard, or even walk in the corridor inside the showroom. Please see @bamyan_paris for a peek.

Bamyan spices collection, detail textiles and design coatsBamyan Paris, fall/winter Spices Collection, detail coat textiles design selections

The showroom opened September 2 -15 to showcase the new Spices Collection.

Now, anytime, call for an appointment and step inside for a tea, and “discover the scents, colours, and warm flavours of the Orient that come together to offer you an unforgettable journey into the Bamyan textile world.” Come for an experience when you desire to choose comfortable, identity-marking clothing. Begin and allow a real relationship that is celebrated to serve your individual preferences. At Bamyan, discover the relationship that becomes enriched over time. Many customers worldwide continue to stay in touch and make efforts to enjoy a return visit and experience. You will be comfortable looking for the quality, feel the uniqueness, choose individuality, and enjoy the warmth of tea and the spice of conversation.

Bamyan Paris fall/winter Collection  – trend takeaway – ‘Spice it up’…tumeric, mustard, cinnamon nutmeg, and green pepper add attention to beauty, care, elegance, and exceptional expertise.

Bamyan spices collection, detail textiles and wool design pulls Bamyan Paris, fall/winter Spices Collection,  spice, …feel the flavour

Logo History and Fashion trends  – lively times

As all trends cycle, logos, are no different-from quiet to loud and back. The logo fashion trends of the past 30 years have seemed intense. A quieter cycle returns to the currently favoured trend of subtle or ‘no logo look.’ Simplicity, and “less is more” have bloomed. Currently, of greater importance is focus on more communal thinking. Transparency, sustainability, respect for the human element in fashion and for nature’s earth on which it is sustained. When Bamyan was established in 1980, the most noticeable USA fashion trend and logomania feeling of “bigger the better” exploded.

A close up of a gray jacket that has a number of different colored horses on it

Bamyan Paris, fall/winter Spices Collection, Bamyan logo discretion a standard

This is the era when sportswear was accompanied by a fitness craze and an economic acceleration of runaway consumerism. Consumerism was fueled by unmistakable fashion logos that encouraged successful career-minded young Americans to wear their assets in brands with a feeling of elevated social status. The largely influencing French fashion trends during the 1980s were ‘over-the-top silhouettes, saturated colours in the forms of puffed shoulders and power suits, flashy skirts and spandex leggings, velour, leg warmers and voluminous parachute pants.’ And if you are old enough to recall it, the two nations proudly danced sporting the ‘big hair’ teased puffy permed look.

Do Bamyan’s logos scream loudly to alert attention as does the gendarme armband, or push us to defer to the severity of the black armband that signifies mourning or protest?

No, to the contrary. The Bamyan logo always has rested discretely inside the collar at the back of the neck firmly adhered to the garments so as not to pop out. Finally, the ‘no–logo-trend’ and sustainability of slow-fashion catch-up!

Bamyan Paris 2022 fall fashion week, trend takeaway – ahead of and beyond time

“Style makes the most common things surprising, strengthens the weakest, gives grandeur to the simplest,”  ~ Voltaire

Two pairs of shoes and a bag covered in a vibrant design of blue, yellow, white and a hint of brown

Bamyan Paris, fall/winter Spices Collection, colour ‘fun’ accents

Once upon a time story of an experience that illuminates a difference

I am not a frequent shopper, yet I do find shopping for clothes to be much more fun when a real relationship springs up. It can last for twenty minutes or an entire day. Once upon a time, at a shop across the street from my home; a boutique – a subgroup of Max Mara ready to wear – not high fashion or high priced. Early one morning, I entered to look for a pair of trousers. I explained to Anna who offered her services and a café, that I wanted to find unique trousers; comfortable for travel and work, machine or hand washable with no need for ironing.

I really appreciated Anna’s attention and service. She listened and then selected various choices – styles, models, fabrics prices etc. As I pondered, she offered help to find a blouse or compatible top. I remained in the shop until 4:30 and she proposed a ‘coupe de champagne.’ The circumstances were easy and it felt natural. I felt as though the items I selected and purchased had been marked with my name. I accepted the champagne and continued trying on clothing simply enjoying the process. Ultimately, I chose a cranberry cashmere pull at a good value. I arrived home singing inside – no, not from champagne but at the realisation of such relaxing fun – I could not believe this non-shopper person; me- had spent the entire day for black and cranberry at the boutique! I’d have to book a week at Bamyan!

 luxuriously light waist-length puffer jacket for warmth and accent colour

Bamyan  Paris, fall/winter Spices Collection, luxuriously light waist-length puffer jacket for warmth and accent colour

The trust in the store brand was created via Anna. Pleasant and meaningful confidence enriched over time. At times, I merely popped in to greet her as I passed, and I typically looked there first for anything I needed. Anna moved on. I’ve barely returned, and have not tried anything on since she left. Since this experience though, I have practised discerning how it feels to me as a customer in nearly all shopping. I consider how it feels to me in addition to simply evaluating the object. I value time and experiences more. Likely this illumination has increased as I get older. Perhaps this already is normal for many people. Young people seem to access the wisdom that for me has needed much time to evolve. I only am realising that I am no longer interested in rushing into a store, grabbing a needed item and hurrying along. I’ve noticed, especially this year, that the items selected this way either wear out quickly or I recognise my short-sighted appreciation, and they quickly go to the donation bin.  

I feel it is my way to be more cognisant of the worldwide tendency encouraged by rampant consumerism.  As a shopper and customer of a particular brand, I was treated like a collector of art, and I enjoyed it. I valued what I purchased and I felt accepted and understood as a person;  who I was, where I was from and there was a mutual exchange. I selectively purchased clothing for professional identity, purpose; comfort, pleasure, ease and my own feelings of delight with my selections to support my inner confidence. As a visitor to Bamyan, I was treated with the same attention and graciousness.

cinnamon and spice integratedjuxtapos singularity and duality

Bamyan  Paris, fall/winter Spices Collection, integrated mutual appreciation – cinnamon and spice, mid-length overcoat

Can you please show me where in your showroom can I find the sales rack?

Oh… well, while there are no sales sections, many designs are designed to be and feel attractive on all body sizes and shapes, A one-size fit provides the space for individual recognition of the choices of style, patterns or colours, and encourages a focus on the feel. Bamyan is not a standard – ready to wear quick- collection sales station. The creators who fabricate, including printing and embroidering the designs for Bamyan, do so manually, with no substitutions, no shortcuts. Each thread for the design is begun and ended and if you pull one thread it does not lead to the undoing of the entire latitude of the garment. Bamyan is happy to offer unique performance, craftsmanship, creative expression, a sense of unlimited place & time, a familiar sophistication & a unique design aesthetic. Additionally, Bamyan is proud to bring to light the relevance of heritage, and the significance of responsibility and appreciation for humanity’s longevity.

Bamyan production is different to mass industrial production and is not geared to the quick sale consumerism most of us have become conditioned to rely on. Overall, it relies on designs created based on and flowing from Nature’s inspiration, and by default, Nature is the finest.

This certainly is not to speak against all or any of the fine talent and creativity that stuns and entertains the world, the 61 designers reviewed by Harper’s Bazaar also have much respect and appreciation for their well-created places. I humbly share my perception and personal experience and for me now it finally is about my view – slowing random movement, being aware of my preferences, claiming my own intentions and practising.

Horses and the Mother-Daughter Duo

Bamyan serves your clothing selections by measure and offers the experience of tailor-made garments and services. May your selections brighten many of your days by the way you feel in your own collection. A mother and daughter, both lovers of horses, opted to express their bond with a ‘seal’ of matching cashmere jackets.

“The art of life consists in making a life of art.”  ~Voltaire

A gray jacket adorned and decorated with multi-colored horses

Bamyan Paris, fall/winter Spices Collection, by design: sensitive coordinated and celebrated elements

As this is my story, I strongly encourage you to have a look at Bamyan Paris on Facebook and on Instagram at bamyan_paris, where you will find well-done exemplary photos, as well as view their website where you can get a real feeling for their story.