A Poem by Julie Clark | Palm Branches

Metallic teal green palm branches against a black background

They thought they knew

How it would all play out

When Messiah came.


When He did come

He did not do what

He was supposed to do.


They did not have room

In their hearts,

Hardened by certainty.


No room for adjusting

And aligning

Their thoughts

Their actions

To God’s.


What about me?

Do I have room?

Or am I so certain

I know the way –

That I miss it?


Mary had a choice.

She heard the invitation

And sat at his feet,

Became a disciple,



She had room

In her heart.

Her acceptance

Of the words and teaching

Upturned the Patriarchy,

And helped her brothers

To have room as well.


But the palm waving

Crowds shouting

Hosanna, quickly turned

To Crucify him

When he did not do

What they thought

He was supposed to do.