A trip inside the deliciousness of Pret a Manger (Mini-Series: Day One)

Some time before today, I had the pleasure of conducting a little experiment with one of London’s most frequented eateries. The place is Pret a Manger. It is by no means exclusive to this city; in fact, it is located in numerous cities and countries, including China, France, and the USA. But most of its shops, something like three fourths, are in London.

Pret a Manger, London

Pret a Manger, London

The experiment I conducted was more of a review, really; I ate at Pret for lunch on several successive days, and decided to dive into the flavours and see what I could find. Here is my breakdown of the best of Pret.

An artisan chicken and bacon baguette paired with a bowl of egg and spinach: I must confess I felt a little brave exploring this particular combination. The journey began with the lovely crunch of exotically herbed bread, followed by a taste of bacon which created a lovely and subtle backing track to the chicken Caesar. I found the chicken Caesar quite pleasant, and my overall opinion was one of satisfaction. Perhaps, if I may dare say, the bacon could have presided over a more prominent role in the sandwich. Perhaps a second slice would have been preferable.

I found myself greatly shocked to discover that the bowl of egg and spinach provided a beautiful crescendo to the meal. I do confess myself to be somewhat biased (I love a good hard-boiled egg), but even I was shocked by the experience. 8/10, with the real weak link being the improper proportions of chicken Caesar to bacon.

P.S. You may have realized by now that I can be quite satirical in my writing, and my reviews may be slightly pomp. That is okay. Embrace it. My writing changes and holds no specific form. These reviews are designed to be taken with a smidge of sodium chloride.