Summertime in America – A Poem by Georgia Sanders

A close up on the artwork: Massacre of the Innocents 1824

Massacre of the Innocents


Summertime, and the livin’ ain’t easy

Bullets are flyin’ and people are dyin’

America’s streets are colored dark and blood red.


Plans have festered, minds have twisted –

Chaos stalks in and violence unleashes –

Silence descends until sirens blare.


Fear sobs and trembles, screamin’ begins…

Where is my sister? Where is my daddy?

Where are my daughters and sons?


Our best and most tender

Imago Dei’s all ~

NO MORE TO ANSWER when their name is called.


Tears are fallin’ and pain is weighin’

Hearts are full, neigh unto the spillin’

Sufferin’ makin’ good mama’s go mad.


America, America, God shed God’s grace on thee.


Painting By:  Léon Cogniet, 1824