Service Review:



I have used Airbnb many times with great results! I highly recommend Airbnb as a choice for travelers worldwide. The biggest benefit to is the opportunity to see life through a local person’s perspective. Then of course, the possible reduction in lodging cost while traveling is another reason to try Airbnb. My most memorable Airbnb experience was from when I was traveling south of Dublin, Ireland to Cork.

It was a cold, rainy October’s weekend when my husband and I boarded a train for a two and a half hour journey from Dublin to Cork. I had been in Florence, Italy for 7 weeks, and was just about halfway through a 3 month study abroad program with Pasadena City College.

I needed to travel outside the Schengen Zone to keep my passport good for an extended stay after the program was over. The U.K. was one of the destinations that was outside the Schengen Zone, and a round trip ticket from Pisa (an hour by bus from Florence) to Dublin was one of the least expensive places I could find to go for a long weekend.

That’s how it began! And as you may have already guessed, my husband met me in Dublin and we traveled by train to Cork, which anyone who has been to Cork will tell you is well worth the trip! It was so romantic! Lush green pastures dotted with sheep, castles rising above the misty, rainy hills – beautiful! But I digress!

Where did we stay in Cork? A lovely little back cottage found on Airbnb! The owners of the main house were a landscaper and an artist. They had converted her former artist studio into a charming, everything-you-need-in-one, cozy Airbnb space! It was warm, private and had her oil paintings scattered throughout. Our hosts had set out wine, had breakfast stores on hand and lots of fun CD’s and candles to enhance the atmosphere!

This is my most treasured Airbnb memory, but I have used the service many times with really great results! A 4-day business trip to Frankfurt, Germany last November, and a modern apartment in Wheaton, Illinois are two other memorable stays!  A couple of my friends have ended up with “duds”, but I really never have. Other friends have stayed in amazing places – like an apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and another on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy! The key? Research and reading the reviews!! Time well spent for the perfect spot for an adventure!

So, having said all that, have you seen the ad spot that Airbnb aired during the Super Bowl yesterday? It’s below. Airbnb also sent out an email today with the title, “We believe in a world where anyone can belong”. Their statement accompanying the ad today reads in part, “We started by providing housing for evacuees of disasters and have since provided housing during 54 global disasters. We partnered with organizations dedicated to the needs of refugees around the world. And just last week, we announced that the Airbnb community will provide free housing to refugees and those recently barred from entering the U.S.. When we announced this, there was an outpouring of interest from our community, and we were inspired to go bigger.”

Bravo, Airbnb!