Making Halloween Great Again in San Diego, CA @ the Hard Rock Cafe

Make Halloween Great Again, Hard Rock Cafe, San Diego

Make Halloween Great Again, Hard Rock Cafe, San Diego

It’s Halloween Weekend
And all the Alter Egos were out to play
Especially at the Hard Rock Cafe

Forget Goulash frightening, scary, spooky
I saw Tinker Bell and Peter Pan
On the dance floor and a skeleton
Dressed up like a proper English man

I also watched the movie BOO
With a friend
It’s kind of scary, but
There’s a moral at the end

So next year when Halloween
Happens again, I won’t quiver
It’s become a glorified Costume Ball of pretend
I’m afraid it’s just basic enough for you to call its bluff

Just know those Mummies, Ghosts, Pirates and Bullies
That are making you scream and cough
Are only fake and soon all their makeup
And masks will eventually come off!

San Diego, Hard Rock Cafe

San Diego, Hard Rock Cafe

Have a safe trick or treat!


The Hard Rock Cafe San Diego Rocks!

Definitely worth a trip anytime, the place was packed on the Saturday night before Halloween! It was full of fun people who were dressed to thrill. The live music was great, provided by The One80’s and others. The menu offered treats to satisfy every craving! The night was a haunting success as all the music lovers danced and dined!