LONDON Calling!! Sept. 2014!

While in Florence, Italy for a 3-month study-abroad program, it came to light that I needed to travel outside the Schengen Zone as often as possible! The U.K. actually presented the easiest option for me, and when I found out a good friend was on holiday in London, that sealed the deal! The ticket from Pisa was under $100, and the hour bus ride from Florence to Pisa was under $10. I actually booked the plane ticket in the back of my taxi cab to the bus station – the first cab I’d ever taken that had its own wi-fi – and in Florence that is a HUGE bonus! Anyway, I felt like such a jet-setter! I know my friend Lyndsey from when I worked in the music business, and also got to make a new friend, an American living in London, Carrie. We had a great time together criss-crossing the city, as you can see by the photos below! London is great, and there are layers and layers of things to do, but don’t forget to plan for plenty of spending cash. Even on a student budget, it was the most expensive place I visited on this grand adventure!!

London Underground sign

You Know You’re In London When….

Two friends smiling while traveling

Bring on the BritPop!!

The Bates Hotel covered on eaither side with striking green leaved trees

I always wanted to stay in this neighborhood! So, after one night at the Bates Hotel (I kid you NOT!!) out by Gatwick Airport….

The large white building of the Notting Hill Hotel

Actually, this place was still kind of “Bates-y”; but at least I didn’t feel like I needed to put a chair under the room door-handle….

CLothing store window displaying tennis shoes with decorative spikes

Fun (and touristy!) shops nearby – lots of spikey tennies all over Europe – these uber-bright suede ones caught my eye…there was also tons to see nearby at the Portobello Road Market…

A park with  luscious green trees and a leaf covered walkway

On our way to market – London reminds me of walking thru NYC neighborhoods with its green parks and squares…or should it be the other way around? : )

Local farmer's market with garlic and homemade sauces.

Got to visit a local farmers market with a local : ) Did you know that an island off the coast of England is the huge producer of garlic? Neither did I! But check out the page links below : )  Then we kind of got sucked into a pub for cider and football….

Two friends smiling for a photo together

Rocker chicks unite!!  Against fracking!  Dame Vivienne Westwood?  We’re there : )

A breakfast at Recipease with some coffee

Really enjoyed this breakfast at Recipease –

A white building that shows off its pillars.

New digs for the night in a nearby neighborhood – so pretty, thanx Carrie!!

Page Links:

Jamie Oliver’s Recipease opens in Notting Hill!