Let’s Talk London Libraries…

Let’s talk libraries. No, not school libraries or university libraries. Let’s talk real libraries.

Libraries like the British Library (which is HUGE).

Libraries like the Mediatheque at the BFI Southwark. Not only is the BFI one of the best, if not the best, cinemas in Britain, but it also has a whole library of movies from way back when so you can sit back and enjoy the classics.

London has a phenomenal selection of libraries that you never knew you actually really did love. From the National Archives to the National Art Library at V&A, there’s so much going on in terms of history and culture that you can just immerse yourself in.

You don’t have to be an introvert to appreciate it either, though it does help. These libraries have something for everyone; all they ask is that you keep your voice down.

Clustered around London’s centre, they’re all easy to get to and within a short distance from each other to make it a day trip to visit a few.

Then, at the end of a long day of exploring and reading and watching and exploring some more, you can sit down and have a drink in one of London’s numerous library bars – books and booze, what else do you want?

(My own personal recommendation would be the Malt Whisky library bar at the Grange hotel in Bloomsbury – it’s on the list).

So go enjoy a quirkier side of London, the less touristy side of London. Doesn’t the image of sipping a Laphroaig 10yr from underneath a pile of old books just sound awesome?