Introducing G. @ Culture Honey!

Georgia Sanders in Florence, Italy, Sept. 2015

Georgia Sanders in Florence, Italy, Sept. 2015

Georgia Sanders began her professional career promoting indie bands to college radio in the early 90’s. From there, she rode the wave of garage rock and the technical revolution, helming a then “new media” company, G9 Interactive. The following ten years found Georgia working in online advertising and publishing, as well as spending five years serving on the staff at her local abbey/spiritual community in Pasadena, CA.

Georgia founded in September 2014 at the advent of participating in a  4-month Study Abroad Program and European Grand Tour.  She believes that when we stay attentive, there are powerful moments waiting for each of us as we read a story or step outside of our front doors!

Georgia says, “Whether in a slice of contemplative time or in going for a walk, ride or flight-of-fancy to somewhere unique in our beautiful, diverse world, the stuff of hopes and dreams calls to us and awaits our response!”  It is her desire that readers will enjoy learning from the adventures large & small presented here, and as a result be drawn further into Life through the “Sweetness of all things Culture”!!