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Essay Submission to

At Culture Honey, we want to encourage deeper global understanding and broader perspective by exchanging life’s most impacting stories of exploration and adventure with others. Part of Culture Honey’s mission is to provide a published place for readers to share their personal stories of exploration and adventure in an organized, attractive, and readable fashion. It is our hope that by giving voice to these stories, others will be encouraged to “step outside their front doors” and in the process of doing so, gain insight, understanding and expansion by experiencing something new!

If you would like to submit your story for consideration, please use the following guidelines and contact us today!

1. Essay – should be under 500 words and told in the first person about an adventure you have personally experienced! Keep in mind we are looking for stories that fit with the tenor of Culture Honey, so becoming familiar with our site before submitting is a great way of assuring a good match!

2. Photos – please include at least one personal photo for publishing with the story. You can include up to seven photos; any more photos than that will be considered for a photo gallery.

3. Email – email us at, and we will consider publishing your essay to share with others via Culture Honey!

*Please note that all submissions will be considered for publishing with an eye toward authenticity, interest and quality of storytelling. These stories will be published at the editorial discretion of!