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Culture Honey Bites: Perry’s Joint, Pasadena, CA

Perry's Joint, Pasadena, CA

Okay, so it’s lunchtime in Pasadena, and you are looking for something fresh to eat in a friendly atmosphere that features great music to listen to while enjoying your lunch, right?  I heartily recommend Perry’s Joint, located in the northwest “Lincoln Corridor” with easy access just off the 210 freeway heading north toward JPL.  In fact, if you work at JPL, it’s an easy 5 mins from the “back” parking lot off of North Windsor Ave.!

Culture Honey Bites: Perry's Joint, Pasadena, CA

The atmosphere at Perry’s is immediately friendly, with a high, airy ceiling, frame pics of Jazz greats and cheerful yellow walls that say welcome! You should park on the street either the block above on Vermont or below on Montana. There is also some parking in the lot behind – just walk in through the building’s double-doors to Perry’s. Or, if you are walking, busing or Uber-ing, just enter in through the Lincoln-facing entrance. Perry’s is just up from John Muir High School on the same (west) side of Lincoln, and also just north of the new eatery, “Lincoln”, across the street to the south.

Culture Honey Bites: Perry's Joint, Pasadena, CA

Not only does Perry’s Joint offer a wide variety of deliciously fresh handmade sandwiches (all named for songs or jazz artists by the way!), they also offer Perry’s famous hot dogs, nachos, bagels, and ice cream! I will admit I tend to get stuck on something when it’s good, so my favorite is the “Tuna by Starlight” on squaw bread, and “yes, please” to the pickles and red onions!

Culture Honey Bites: Perry's Joint, Pasadena, CA

Besides being a restaurant/cafe, there is always something creative happening at Perry’s Joint. On Tuesday evenings, there are jazz-centered jam sessions. All musicians are welcome to attend, and the kitchen is open during the live music! Also, for the past few months there has been original artwork being drawn on the wall from about 12 o’clock on into early afternoon.

Culture Honey Bites: Perry's Joint, Pasadena, CA

The current art being produced has also been picked up by the City of Pasadena, and is being featured on a city bus campaign! I was able to meet with the talented Australian artist, Angela Willcocks, and hear a little more about her art and the projects she is doing in Pasadena – so tune in for more soon! And in the meantime, go and get yourself a “Tuna by Starlight” on squaw bread! Tell them Culture Honey sent you ; )

For more about Angela Willcocks, please visit her site, www.awillcocks.com, or for an update about her current work in Pasadena, click here: