Autumn Musings: A Poem by LuAnn Ostergaard

Autumn Tendrils, Art by LuAnn Ostergaard

Autumn Musings

A calm hush

 a stillness in the air

Summer leaves fallen

 and branches bare

Fall feasts overflow

 rich and rare

Gardens at harvest

show their wares

Gold harvest moon

glows full and fair

Cornstalks rustle

 in cool crispen air

Woodpecker’s shrill

 pierces the air

Squirrels stow nuts

 for winter fare

Birds travel south

 in V’s and pairs

The mouse skitters

 the owl stares

Resting in dens

 coyote fox and hare

Black bear and cub

 lumber to their lair

A better season

 than all to compare

For the coming winter

 until it is there

 © 2020 LuAnn Ostergaard