A Shelter | Poem by Julie Clark

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A Shelter, by Julie Clark

Shelter. Such a common need, such a tangible idea. And yet, for so many of us around the world, such a luxury. To anyone who frequents Culture Honey, it will come as no surprise that we love championing the work of Julie Clark. Like so many poets, she captures life and its many emotions is ways that other mediums can’t. The poem below is no different. So sit back and enjoy. A shelter.


A Shelter

It is a shelter

To be known and loved

When you are welcome

No matter your faults and foibles

You are loved

A part of the family

The community

You matter

You are connected to these people

We are meant to learn to love

In families

In clans and tribes

But not always the case

In our fragmented society

So we must build bridges

Connections with other human beings

We are connected

With each other after all

Through our ancestors

Our Creator

We all live together on this earth

Our survival and ability to thrive

Depends on it

So smile

Speak a kind word

Bridge the gap

You will see

You will feel

Those connections

Thr knitting of the hearts

Lend a hand

Take a hand

Understand and learn

From each other

Forgive and be forgiven

Start fresh

Believe the best

Be your best

We can do this together

Love is real


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