A Little Child Will Lead You – A Poem by Julie Clark



Photo by: Anna Christine

This poem is dedicated to a little girl (8 years old), my friends’ daughter, who befriended another little girl, a Muslim child in her class, and invited her over to play and have dinner.  Another morning, her parents found her boiling an egg to take to school because her friend was embarrassed about her lunch being so different from everyone else’s lunch. My friends’ little girl noticed she had a boiled egg included in her lunch. She decided to boil herself an egg, so her friend would not be embarrassed.  She brings me great encouragement to know that Peacemakers are being raised up quietly right in our midst.

A Little Child Will Lead You

When darkness gathers as winter settles in

with black clouds surrounding

what little light we have left

Hold tight to the hope in your heart

It is buried deep within

Faith, Hope and Love

will not be extinguished

…and the greatest of these is love

It is love which is the greatest

and most powerful of all

not fear, nor revenge, anger or hate

Let love ruminate and perfect

through the night, through adverse circumstances

because joy will come in the morning

and when it seems utterly impossible

… let a little child lead you.