Suddenly, In Faith – A Poem By Kim Aasland

Suddenly, In Faith - A Poem By Kim Aasland
Suddenly things can happen.
Suddenly the world can shift.
Suddenly there are no schools or bars or restaurants or Kobe Bryant
Suddenly there are no cleaning products in the stores or face masks in a little clinic in New Mexico.
Suddenly the world is shaken.
Suddenly we realize how unstable is the ground we’ve been standing on.
Suddenly a man appears.
But He’s been here all along.
Suddenly His light bursts through the gloom.
He whispers, “I am doing a new thing.”
We haven’t been here before but He has.
This did not catch Him by surprise.
As we follow, He directs.
As we listen, He reveals.
Two things we know for sure:
We are to love Him with all our heart and mind and soul and strength.
And we are to love our neighbor as ourself.
Do not fear, little ones.
Our Father is doing a new thing.
As you are in the wilderness, remember who He is.
This is a great escape; don’t ask to return to Egypt.
He will provide your manna.
Later on you will long for the sweet communion of these days.
Let the stillness settle in.