Soul Care, Soul Work – Reflections

Soul Care, Soul Work

Soul Care, Soul Work

Image by:  RobertCross1

In thinking about one’s self
one is thinking about one’s self

Who am I?
Why am I here?

If I believe in a creator,
Why was I created –
why have I been given the gift of drawing breath today?

Jesus said to love others as we
love ourselves –

Self care.
To value what God has created when he created *me*…

But in the knowing of that –
In the being sure of my desire –
Do I unknowingly consider my value more than another’s?

I see altogether too much evidence…
Not in the conscious thought, in the unconscious, “natural” rhythm (or is it un-rhythm) of my comportment.

How to combat this, how to marry the conscious valuing of all
with the conscious valuing of my soul.

Soul care.
Soul work.

Let them both continue.