Secret London


Photo by H. J. Melzer

Every town has its secrets. Every town has its quirky hole-in-the-walls that you might happen to stumble into one late night and realise what you’ve been missing all those years.

Some of those towns might even have those secret gigs that you only find out about the day of and have to see if you can figure out where it is (think Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist). We actually have something similar to that here.

However, we’re looking for something a little more unique than that; something a little quirkier.

How about ‘multidimensional dining’ (don’t ask) somewhere in London in which you book in advance (well in advance. This thing is popular), find out where it is on the day, enjoy a delicious meal in multiple strange settings (again, don’t ask), and then can never tell anyone about it again because you signed a contract?

How about dining at a 50’s style detective agency…? Ignoring the spelling error on the front page of their website (I can’t help it), you book this place, walk in, impersonate your best fifties character acting as though you are in woe over a crime committed (acting is essential), then get led through to your seats and enjoy a delicious meal (or sometimes drinks, sometimes jazz. It depends on the night, really).

Oh, I’ve got it. How about watching a movie in one of London’s abandoned buildings? Again, you aren’t allowed to know where it is until you get close to the time of the showing. Please note: watching a horror movie in an abandoned building makes it exponentially scarier.

I assure you, there are oodles of these, perhaps even noodles of them (for those unaware of the correct quantities, one noodle equals three oodles and one woodle equals three noodles. It all gets quite complicated after a while).

Seriously though, do a little digging and you’ll find a bundle of these exotic places around here. Some are simply doors in alleyways that you questionably walk into. Some are sophisticated groups which require a booking far in advance.

Here’s to London, seen and yet-to-be seen.

P.S. Who can be the first to find Scaredy Cat Town?