Put the Art in Activism with Platform London!



Are you an artist?

Do you wish you were an artist?

Do you at least like art?

Well, if you answered no to all of those questions, I can’t help you. You might as well stop reading now. If not, I have a couple more questions. Well, just one more.

Do you like this planet?

Me, too! (Seriously, if you answered anything other than “yes”, we may need to sit down and have a chat) You see, I love this planet. I love nature and trees and rivers and beautiful views. I love cities and buildings and life buzzing around. I love this world, and I want to keep it going for as long as it can.

I also love art. Arts are cool. Art is really cool. So why not combine the two?

Boom, beat you to it. Here’s Platform London, a site dedicated to Arts, Activism, Education, and Research. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m a wee bit of a nerd, and all of those things sound fantastic. I love a good bout of learning, and researching something interesting is never dull (which is sort of logical, because something interesting can’t really be dull, can it?)

Seriously though, check these guys out. Their current campaign is about oil and its effects looked at holistically. They’re great, and they’re making a change, and there isn’t really much else I can say to you if I haven’t already persuaded you to check them out.

Did I mention that they’re saving the world?

Like Batman… only not.