Love Meets Me | A Poem by Ed Martinez

Love Meets Me - A Poem by Ed Martinez, "Headlights" image by Elayne Dixon

while driving in the early hours of the day,

love meets me in my front seat.

red tail lights, my burning bush,

white head lights, my pillar.

we meet on holy ground.

thinking thoughts that sound like mine,

desiring them to be his thoughts for me.

sipping coffee, i weigh them out,

picking out the gems that will lead me through this day.

his love meets me in my front seat,

his very presence, the sacred of my day.

this wild, this sacred, so much bigger than me,

will i get it this time or will i pass it by?

red tail lights, white headlights, traffic ahead.

this is my holy ground.

in awe, with fear, i want it to stretch me, to cause me to grow.

courage is the the word, courage is the thought

as love meets me on my front seat.