It Snowed… In London!

London Snow

London Snow

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Guess what? It snowed! In honour of the snow that (sort of) fell over London (but not really, because it’s London and snow doesn’t really fall on London), I thought it only appropriate to mention a few places you can get your snowboarding (and skiing) fix here in London.

Ok, so maybe not London. In fact, more like the UK. And you have to be at least partially content with dry slopes.

But hey, you can learn to ski and snowboard at the Snow Centre, Britain’s newest indoor ski centre, and it’s only an hour outside of London.

Or, if you’re looking for somewhere a little better, you could visit the Chill Factore, home to the UK’s longest indoor slope.

You may start to see a theme here with the whole indoor-outdoor thing. What can I say? This is Britain; we aren’t exactly known for our vast mountain ranges.

If you’ve never skied on a dry slope before or skied indoors, I’d give it a shot though. It’s definitely an experience. Ok, so it’s no Alps or Rockies, but it’s still quite a fun experience.

So, if the snow falling made you itch for the slopes and Norway isn’t exactly in your budget (join the club), you can always find places to ski here. They won’t be the best, but it’s better than sitting around dreaming about it.

And hey, be excited. It just snowed (sort of) in London!