Fun, Free and in Perth! – Pub Quiz Night

Many Australians live by the saying: “Work hard, play hard.”
Nine till five, five days a week remains uncontested as long as we get our weekends to ourselves.

Pub Quiz Nite in Perth

Pub Quiz Nite in Perth

Friday night till Sunday evening is often coloured with outings, gatherings and promoted public events. However, weeknights can seem stagnant in comparison. In our student flat, weeknights mainly exist around re-watching DVD’s and trying to remember the Netflix password. So what does Perth do after work?  Well, a true-blue Aussie would point you to the pub.

Most suburbs sport a local watering-hole (that’s a pub, bar or tavern), and they won’t be hard to find. Everyone has their favourite, each with a slightly different atmosphere. Some of them are family-friendly, and others won’t open until well after the kiddie’s bedtime. Whether you go for sports, music, food, a quiet escape, socializing or something more rowdy, there’ll be a place catering it.

If you’re unsure which one is for you, a sure way to trial the culture is by attending a pub quiz. This provides a safe snapshot of the staff, the beverage list, the venue and the regular crowd who occupy it. Most pubs host one on a weeknight, most are free, and many offer sweet prizes such as free meals or gift vouchers. Some will test your general knowledge across a smattering of categories, while others are specified subject trivia, ideal for self-proclaimed experts and go-lucky guessers.

The Como Hotel and Pub in South Perth runs a music-themed quiz every Wednesday at eight. I am no music-guru, but a competitive streak, some timely ‘guesstimation’ and the company of friends made the night an enjoyable (albeit prize-less) one. We unexpectedly enlisted the help of a regular named Joe, who kindly shouted us drinks, correct answers and life advice. He encapsulated the term “good Aussie bloke”, stating that his five days a week made more than our student budgets would allow, and challenging us to do the same upon graduating into the working world. Thanks Joe, you made the night a treat!

Besides racking our brains over musical trivia, we learned more about our team members, made new friends, and enjoyed a weeknight beyond our flat’s movie collection. So if you are looking to experience a new culture near you, why not brush up on your general knowledge and explore the local watering hole on Pub Quiz Night? Good luck!