Every Writer’s Problem

...writers block?!...

…writers block?!…

“I think I still have some unfinished procrastinating to do from yesterday.”

– Unknown

“Hi, I’m Josh (Hi, Josh), and I have unfinishedworddocumenturitus (nodding heads and a few quiet “me too’s”). I can’t help it. It just happens. I have many a piece of writing and many an idea. Sadly, so many of these pieces of writing never seem to get finished. I don’t know what it is. I guess I decided to seek help after I noticed that my blogs were not getting updated. I couldn’t find out what the problem was. I racked my brain to try and determine what was wrong. Finally, I decided to tackle the problem myself. I sat down and got to writing. I wrote and I wrote. I was happy. However, the next day, the problem still persisted. Then it dawned on me. I may have unfinishedworddocumenturitus. I was scared to admit it at first. I knew that, if I did, I would have to seek help. Everywhere I looked though, I became more and more aware of this problem. I had many articles; none of them were finished. I had many potential story ideas; none of them were complete. I asked my family because I knew they would tell me the truth. They sat me down and said, “Son, you should know that, whatever the issue, whatever the problem, we still love you and will stick by you, but you may have unfinishedworddocumenturitus.”

(My heart sank).

“But there is hope for you, son. I know of a UA meeting that takes place every Thursday evening at my church, and we can sign you up.”

“Ok, Dad, if you really think so.”

“Son, we don’t want you to live like this. You need help. We are only telling you this because we love you.”

So, after much thinking and wrestling with myself, I decided to come. I need help, and I need it bad. This unfinishedworddocumenturitus has to stop. I know that now. That’s why I