Culture Honey Touring: An Invitation to Celtic Way Pilgrimages's home page, featuring a view of Clonmacnoise in the background with a cemetery with Celtic crosses in the foreground.

Years in the crafting, Culture Honey is proud to announce our new small group touring initiative, Culture Honey Touring! Beginning with our long-awaited Celtic Way Pilgrimages, Culture Honey is also beyond excited to announce the official launch of our touring website,!

A shot of a person's feet from above as they stand on a beach covered in multi-colored stones.

Standing on Iona

As regular readers may know through the articles each week, Culture Honey offers insight into various cultures and passions from around the world. It is our passion to let you know about the rich joys of travel and shared culture through articles covering book and film reviews, art exhibits, and other accounts of firsthand travel experiences all the way from Lucerne, Switzerland to Seoul, South Korea! And even as these are wonderful windows into the world, there is truly nothing quite like BEING THERE! So after 4 years of independent publishing on, we are proud to announce the launch of our sister initiative, Culture Honey Touring! Now you can join us for a whole slate of uniquely planned Culture Honey tours and pilgrimages  that each add up to a life-impacting, your-feet-on-the-ground, personal experience!

About Culture Honey Touring

Our tours and pilgrimages will never have more than 12 guests, no flags to follow or matching tee shirts to don. While you will make your own airline arrangements to the beginning destination, en country transportation costs will be covered, as well as entrance fees, en country experts and many of our meals. Our holistic philosophy of honoring culture will be our guide on all the adventures we offer. Our footprint will be small, but our hearts will be opened!

 A view of Clonmacnoise, Ireland and the cemetery there

Clonmacnoise, Ireland

About Celtic Way Pilgrimages

At Culture Honey, we have a special affinity for Ireland, Scotland and all things Celtic Christian Spirituality. We have written many articles about travel to these lovely countries and the benefits of the Celtic pathway to the modern spiritual and holistic human experience. We have experienced the beauty of these serene and rugged destinations as well as experienced the peace that the spiritual practices of liturgy, silence and meditation offer us. And we have enjoyed and benefited from learning the historical stories and significance of places along the way.

A scene of Durrow Pathway. Bright green bushes and trees surround a well-worn, empty path.

Durrow Pathway

If ALL this sounds good to you and YOUR heart is tugging you, why not join us for one of our maiden voyages to Sacred Ireland or Iona, Scotland? Or combine the two? We are looking for fellow travelers in search of rest and beauty, as well as those seeking tools with which to stay grounded in the fast-paced modern world. Available as separate pilgrimages or together as one, space is truly limited for our September 2021 journeys. For more information, please read this week’s article announcing the pilgrimages, visit our new site and a treasure trove of articles about Ireland, Iona and Celtic pilgrimages that can be accessed on our Facebook page – we hope you will “like” & “follow” us there today!