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Colorado Aspen Trees Have Heart

Not everyone has a truly safe place to bare one’s heart. I am fully dedicated to Culture Honey’s mission: ‘A Travel & Culture Magazine with Heart.’Culture Honey is so much more than a travel magazine. Thanks to the devoted Editor Georgia Sanders, her Assistant Editors, Laura Aasland and Josh Potter, as well as the diversity of truly talented and heartfelt contributors, Culture Honey for me is a voice of humanistic caring and activism. Culture Honey stems from love and speaks of issues regarding the most basic of human needs for safety and security as based on equality and social justice.

The diversity of contributors express eye-opening perspectives in proactive, digestible compositions that offer generally supportive information which allows readers to feel something. More than likely, perspectives ‘ lean-in’  with a nonjudgmental or ‘non-blame-based focus’,  which clearly pave the way toward discovering solutions. It builds community, the building blocks to a strong social culture.

The future of every community lies in capturing the passion, imagination, and resources of its people – Ernesto Sirolli 

I am honoured to have been a contributor since the founding of Culture Honey in October of 2015. I am first a photographer. I experience the world largely from behind the lenses of the photo apparatus I use. In addition, I am fiercely devoted to my own personal development, to continuously learn how I can better serve humanity by being a stronger, smarter, more open-minded version of myself.

Susan Sontag has a brilliant discourse on photography, which at one point prompted me to self-evaluate and “learn to leave home without my photo equipment.” On Photography is one of the best studies of photography available. Her view presents a collection of six essays that explore photography in the deepest of manners. It delves into the idea of ‘transparency’, where photographers have eliminated the boundaries of art and are faced with the prospect of being free to capture.

I truly am thankful to have a home in Culture Honey to share my heart’s passions —  through my travels, my life experiences as an immigrant, and as a fearless older woman navigating the world on my own.

Human connection is passion-oriented and heart-based.  Herein I offer the closest expression that truly reveals my heart as the heart of a Photographer. “A Photographer’s Heart.”  … 

A Photographer’s Heart Photobook, by Aurore Rominger

Thank you to the entirety of Culture Honey. Enjoy wonderful experiences in the changing season.


Editor’s Note:  Aurore, your perspectives have been a blessing to all of us at CultureHoney.com and our readers from the beginning, we are so thankful for you and that you choose to share your heart with us here on these “pages”!  Much love!