Celtic Christian Pilgrimage: Ireland / Ireland + Iona, September 2020!

Celtic Christian Pilgrimage: Ireland / Ireland + Iona, September 2020!

Join Us for a Very Special Pilgrimage to Ireland, or Ireland + Iona, Scotland!

While Barbarian troupes were ravaging churches, villages and culture on Europe’s mainland, the good news of the gospel was igniting fires of a different sort among the wild tribes of the Emerald Isle.

Visit the sites associated with saints such as Patrick, Brigid, Columba, and Kevin who were inspired to build monastery centres of faith, learning and hospitality; where the arts flourished and books were copied and preserved.

Be inspired by the heroic pilgrimage of St. Brendan and others who simply set out for the love of God.  Experience Celtic Christian practice and tradition in the sacred settings where it developed!

Led by historian, educator, and spiritual director, Catherine Hommes and Culture Honey founder and editor, Georgia Sanders, decide today to join us for this life-impacting journey!

Sacred Ireland: September 2020 – 8 nights

Iona Pilgrimage:  September 2020 – 5 nights

For further information and to reserve your place on one of our pilgrimages, email us at: chtouring@culturehoney.com


Come experience the sacred spaces of Ireland or Ireland + Iona with Culture Honey Touring! Join us for just the Ireland section of the pilgrimage or travel on with us to Iona, Scotland, for another 6 days!

Sacred Ireland: September 2020 – 9 days
Ireland + Iona Pilgrimage: September 2020 – 15 days