One Seven Four – A Poem by Ed Martinez

One Seven Four

One Seven Four

I Woke up this morning, my church was on my mind.

Wakened with a sense of awe as I looked through my tired eyes.

Nature’s canopy was arching toward the heavens, singing of a glorious name,

I saw the patterns of waves and swirls appearing on the open skies.

I heard the loud roaring sound of waters crashing like big ocean waves.

The waters moving with such amazing force parted to a walkway made of stones.

I walked on these stones that try men’s hearts to find a way to the large silver doors.

Opened, refined, purifying doors leading me to a love for which I long.

The earth is glowing golden hues and biding me to come on through.

Originally Published:  Oct 4, 2016 @ 06:07