Advent Reflections – By Ed Martinez

Advent Reflections

Advent Reflections

thinking about advent… here i am again.

celebration, commemoration, ritualization… is it more than these?

advent, a waiting, a looking forward to… the promise of a crop from a seed.

advent, the unfolding story.

the prophets, braving flack, spoke of this time.

the time of restoration, renewal, and of hope.

what does this unfolding story mean to me now?

elizabeth, mary, zachariah, joseph… preparing for what is to come.

where is the significance for me now?

the prophets spoke of hope for the one that would bring conquest over oppression,
the one that would restore a nation,
the one that would finally bring peace,
where is the significance for me now?

i have put my heart on the cutting board.

i see built up skin, not so smooth, where the wounds have occurred.

i see pock marks, those small holes.

the longing I have for security, for love, for wholeness once again.

i put my heart on the cutting board.

this is my life.

i am waiting for the one to fill the holes, to rub the scars, to address the issues of my heart.

he is the same one the prophets spoke about.

he the one the they formed images and expectations,
he is the one who is to come.

he is birthed right into this world,
i will deliver him,
i will lift him and present him.

i will present God incarnate.

he is the one who addresses the heart on the cutting board, rubs the scars with oil and fills the holes with his flesh.